of JOURNEYING through life





vb1. to project or be projected very quickly, noisily, or violently




v. hur·tled, hur·tling, hur·tles

v. To move with or as if with great speed


‘Hurtling Through’ is an exploration of my personal movement through the journey of motherhood whilst running a sustainable business and the personal growth that occurs. 

This collection is also heavily influenced by my time as a clinical nutritionist. Over the years I worked with so many women broken from the rush, from the self imposed pressure to ‘do it all’, the comparison and self degradation from social media and thin airbrushed women. 

It seems the world has been strapped onto the back of a giant rocket and it’s hurtling us into the unknown at a pace we’re simply not equipped to deal with. We sprint through this world we can’t catch, trying to find somewhere to belong, only to run out of steam, or we get lost along the way. 

As we become busier, more successful, strive for perfection, try to do it all, be it all, the wheels start to come off. Our bodies are so adaptive that we can live under this pressure, with these stress hormones coursing through our bodies for years before we completely burn out. 

Some of the most wonderful things in the world are slow- The sunrise and sunset, a slow-moving stream, finding a quiet spot on the beach, feet embedded in the warm soft sand as you gaze at the clouds above, the changing of seasons and turning leaves, wandering, watching your children grow, and growing older with the ones you love. 

I wanted to create a series that reflected a natural break in a river or stream, where a person could retreat to, jump off onto the bank, catch your breath and just rest, be. Somewhere vivid and real where minds and hearts can wander freely. 

These plates represent this place, a fast-paced river with a bank either side, to jump off and retreat if you should choose. The first two plates represent this, the hurtling through life. I have chosen two glaze colours for these works, a light and a dark as we are not all burdened with the rush. Some of us love living in the fast lane, and choose this path because they love it, it drives them, success and keeping busy is their dopamine - the white plate with a break in the glaze represents this. 

Others, like the broken women I have seen over the years, who I encounter daily, whom I have been, and sometimes am, are represented by the darker glazed plates.

The third plate in the series has no visible break, but a thicker textured line of matt glaze through the middle. This plate represents the calm when we choose to retreat. The wholeness. The stillness. The break is still there underneath if we choose to jump back into the river. The glaze used on this plate is matt rather than gloss, as the slow life, the one where we respect and love ourselves, make hard choices, say no to honor our own needs, these choices are often not viewed or felt as glossy, but are in fact so much more. On this plate, a matt finish unearths many vagaries, textures, a depth and unmatched beauty that simply couldn’t be found with a glossy finish. This is also true in life.

This series will be showcased in an art gallery in NZ (announcing location and duration soon) and is available for order. Please email for more information.